First Step International Church is a faith-based outreach minitry that provide spiritual/support services to God’s children. 

First Step will position people to receive the promises and blessings of God through Bible-based teaching and kingdom principles. 

First Step will empower people and communities through spiritual, social and economic development, housing resources/referrals, spiritual-based professional development and workforce training and social services through First Step Community Empowerment.   

First Step will accomplish this through the giving of the members, financial donations, collaborative partnerships with churches and organizations, businesses and fund raising initiatives. 


To reach individuals through evangelistic efforts in order to empower, edify and equip them to reach out and empower others demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ 


  •   To equip Christians for discipleship in order for them to disciple others.
  • Provide supportive services that will address societal ills through community development efforts
  • Evangelize to those in transitional housing, residential treatment facilities and prisons/jails.
  • Provide temporary housing for homeless families and paroles, transitional housing for those living with HIV/AIDS and establish independent elderly care facilities.
  • Establish relationships with local employers and incorporate an online workforce job bank for unemployed and underemployed individuals
  • Provide workforce training in high demand occupations and job placement assistance
  •  Establish a food bank for individuals and families in need and provide hot meals, once a week, for underprivileged families through a soup kitchen
  •  ‘Xtreme Ministry’ for youth - Afterschool tutoring programs, gang and drug prevention, social development classes and summer education/recreation programs for children ages (5 – 12)
  •  Purchase and rehabilitate houses/multi-family apartments and provide affordable rent for veterans and low income families/individuals which could ultimately lead to home ownership